Experience the convenience and quality of Gas Light VA, your premier Weed delivery service. From carefully selected strains to a variety of cannabis products, we bring the essence of excellence to your doorstep. Discover a seamless and reliable cannabis delivery experience with Gas Light VA today.

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Special Deals

Green Therapy Shake

$380 for 2 Oz of any Designer Strains

Exotic Shake Deal

$199 for Two Different 1/2 Oz Exotic Flower

$400 for 5 Oz of our Top Shelf Flower

$120 for 1/2 Oz of Wedding Cake Or Gelato

16 oz for $1200

Crumble special deals

Shatter special deals

Edibles special deals

1/2 oz premium & 1 oz top shelf for $170

Moon Rock 1g for $40 3g for $90 5g for $150


Sativa - Sativa provides a more energizing and creative high, though it can prompt anxiety in some people. Sativa can also be helpful for people with depression, headaches, nausea, and appetite loss. Sativa plants tend to contain more THC than CBD.

Kali Mist

Purple Haze


Blue Dream

Durban Poison

WiFi Cake

Laughing Buddha

Banana Split


Indica - Indica is an effective pain reliever, with a flat and relaxing high. Many medical marijuana strains contain a hybrid form of this strain.

Wedding Cake

Black Russian

God's Gift

Bubba Kush


Girl Scout Cookie

LA Confidential

Lava Cake

Afghani Kush

Dark Star

Hybrid - Mix of Sativa and Indica

Gorilla Glue

NYC Diesel

Mango Kush

Jilly Bean

Cherry Alien

Lemon Cookie


Wedding Crasher

Platinum Cookie

Ice Pie

White Gusher

Concentrate - Concentrated THC Products

Super Lemon Haze Wax

Purple Haze Wax

Bubba Kush Moonrocks

Diamond Sauce ok

Cartridges - High THC carts

Raw Garden



Green Therapy Specials


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