Best Buds DC is a cannabis dispensary and delivery service that offers a wide variety of products, including flowers, concentrates, and edibles in Washington D.C. Maryland and Virginia. We also offer a variety of services including delivery and pickup.

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Designer weed strains are meant to extract the cannabinoid and terpene combinations from the cannabis plant to pinpoint certain effects consumers are looking for. Other less desirable effects will also be removed.

Purple Kush

Grandaddy Purple

Purple Haze

Blue Biscotti

Gorilla Breath

Platinum Bubba




Indoor - A term that indicates a cannabis plant was cultivated under artificial lighting and a climate-controlled environment. Indoor cultivation allows growers to maintain meticulous control over environmental factors, such as light, heat, water, nutrition, and pests.

American Dream

Strawberry Kush

White Runtz

Black Runtz

Maple Leaf

Berry White

Animal Zkittles

Black Triangle Kush

Bio Diesel

Purple OG Kush

Gelato Runtz

Durban Poison


Top-shelf - weed is alternately referred to as loud weed for its potent fragrance and high quality.

Dog Shitt

Golden Lemon

Cotton Candy Kush

Bruce Banner

San Fernando Valley SFV OG

Golden Goat


Premium - Flower is very aesthetically pleasing with THC content reaching over 30 percent. Premium cannabis flower aromas can range from sweet and fruity to diesel-like and skunky.

Orange Bubba

Lemon Jeffery

Lemon Diesel


El Chapo OG

Super Lemon Haze

Sour Tangie

Green Crack

Maui Wowie


Prerolles - Prerolles are designed by our special cannabis enthusiasts from fresh indoor flowers and rolling materials.

Sativa prerolls

Indica prerolls

Hybrid prerolls


Edibles - Cannabis-infused food and candy

Best Buds Tincture 800 mg

Stoner Patch Strawberry, Pineapple, Watermelon




LOL Edibles


Concentrates - Cannabis concentrates, oils, and extracts

Northern Light Sauce

Diamond Sauce

Alien Orange Cookies Crumble

Gelato Crumble Sauce

Moxie Banana OG Crumble

Canna Caui Moonrocks


Shatter Wax - Shatter concentrate is a translucent BHO that looks like amber and has a consistency almost like hard candy. Its beautiful glassy texture is partially responsible for why it's called shatter because it can be shattered into a million little pieces.

Runtz Shatter

Banana Kush Shatter

King Louie Shatter

Strawnana Shatter

Gelato Shatter

Death Bubba Shatter

Purple Candy Shatter

Alien Monster Cookies Shatter

OG Kush Shatter


Shakes - Small pieces of cannabis flower that were once part of larger buds.

Zaza Shake

House Shake


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